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What’s it like in Sapa, and why is it so different from the rest of Vietnam? - Cultural Diversity Way Up in the Mountains There’s this theory of history, or maybe sociology, I’m not sure, which argues
They call it Ho Chi Minh City, and it’s in Vietnam - They call it Ho Chi Minh City. I think many Americans, or at least many Americans over 50 still think


My name is Pawel, and I’m excited to share my upcoming journey with you over the next couple of years. This July, I’m packing my bags, saying farewell to Chicago, and embarking on a motorcycle trip around the world. Traveling on a motorcycle is unlike anything else. This method of transportation really gives you the ability to explore unique places, meet new people, and actively engage in experiences you would otherwise miss out on; it’s the beauty of the in-between and unknown… embracing that true sense of freedom and adventure. And it’s an experience I crave! Never have I ever attempted anything so bold and extreme in my life. It’s daring, exciting, perhaps a little bit crazy, and a path not many have travelled…. the ultimate epic adventure!