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ABOUT Paweł skrabacz

Every now and then I find myself exposed to something fresh and stimulating which eventually seeps into my ever growing conglomerate of hobbies. Some things pass the test of time, while others fade to obscurity...Let’s just say my guitar is more wall decor than anything and I don’t even know what happened to those adult coloring books. Photography on the other hand has been monumental. It has come to define who I am and significantly shape how I interact with the world around me. 


Within the world of photography, I would classify myself as a documentarian. Most of my work comes to existence simply as an outcome of daily life. I do interesting things and the camera comes with, not the other way around. 


Honestly, much of what I do, especially photography, is driven by one straightforward vision. I see myself as an old man, spending time with my future grandchildren, browsing through my albums and being told, “grandpa, you sure did some cool things when you were young”. Until then, I will continue doing my thing. 


If my work speaks to you, don’t be a stranger, drop me a line.

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